All the Blockchain solutions you will ever need

We write and audit smart-contracts

When creating a smart-contract, making a mistake is not an option.

We design and create distributed apps

We create web applications that leverage distributed technologies other than the Blockchain itself, like IPFS.

We advise companies on Blockchain

Disruptive business models or innovative solutions increasingly depend on the right technology. Blockchain may be the best solution for your company growth.

We train people to use Blockchains

So you can understand and apprehend the disruption this technology brings.

About us

FranceChain is an innovative company which arose from three friends' passion for the Blockchain. The team has started with two Blockchain enthusiast graduate of a Master's Degree in Computer Science, one specialized in networks and security and the other in development, and a strategy coordinator graduate of a Master's Degree of EDHEC.

Our team quickly scaled up with the recruitment of one developer. Our ambition is to allow businesses to leverage the Blockchain's power and to help you increase your projects' added value thanks to this soaring technology.

The Blockchain, our passion

A mere curiosity in 2009 when it was introduced alongside the Bitcoin, the Blockchain has rapidly become a major actor in today's technological ecosystems. After multiple personal experiments on the Blockchain we have become fascinated with the power and flexibility of available solutions, applicable to many different fields (finances, administrative, medical, social, etc...).

We have thus decided to grab this opportunity and turn our nightly passion into our day job. We want to offer you solutions suited for your business and allow you to reach new heights thanks to these technologies.

Who we are

Using open-source to build an open world

Open-source and free technologies are involved in every aspect of our work. This open community helped us grow and evolve. We strive to empower our users: By building open source projects we give them the opportunity to get a complete understanding of our work. We also expect valuable input from the community: Skillful actors everywhere can provide feedback and suggestions for us to ever increase the quality of our products.

The world we are building cannot exist without open-source technologies. Facing the challenges of a society in which the number of connected devices exceeds the human population by an order of magnitude requires safe and resilient products. It requires detailed reviews from many sources, increased security and reliability, and trust. Open-sourcing our projects allow us to guarantee our users that we can indeed provide it.

Contact us


FranceChain Solutions
128 Rue de la Boétie
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Paris (Headquarters), Tours (IT Team)


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